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Long time waiting

2007-09-26 15:25:36 by Gauvner

After a long time of me forgetting my password, just being lazy & a holiday Im finally back on newgrounds (hip hip hooorraaaayyy )

Some new songs should be on here soon, just got to make them 1st =] Saddo here has lost all of his software Rawr!

Anyway Halo 3 looks freakin' Awesome so when i get dosh im straight off out buying it !!!
Only downside to that is my 360 is still in repair...Yes i got the 3 red lights of Doom, how dare they come on when Halo 3 is about to be released. So im going to blackmail Microsoft into a free game lol Wish me all look



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2008-11-07 16:52:53

Hi =)